Florida Fragrances International

Florida Fragrances International:

The history of Florida Fragrances International begins in 1987, when Eric Grolleau established the American branch of a French fragrance group in New York City. He started developing a countrywide portfolio of customers, importing all its products from France, mainly fine perfumery.

In 1991, the operation was relocated in Miami, FL to better cater to new customers in the Caribbean and Central America and started manufacturing its own compounds. Progressively the product range included household and personal care fragrances as well as candle, soap, and industrial fragrances.

In 2020, after becoming independent from the French group, the operation was renamed Florida Fragrances International.

Florida Fragrances International


We are a medium sized organization which aims to service professional fragrance users in the United States, the Caribbean and Central America, with technicality, swiftness, and flexibility.