Our inventory of raw materials and fragrances is precisely managed, allowing us to deliver established customers' orders in 1 to 3 days for quantities of up to 200 kgs in just about a week for multi-drum orders.


We partner with Quantum Compliance to generate any kind of regulatory documents necessary in your markets, wherever in the world they are.

We have long been very conscious of our environmental challenges, and we are actively involved in local recycling and safe manufacturing procedures.

Florida Fragrances International
Florida Fragrances International


  • Fine fragrances 

  • Personal care: hair products, skin products, etc.

  • Household products: detergents for all uses

  • Air care: home, car, office

  • Candles

  • Industrial fragrances


  • $600/fragrance if in stock

  • $1,000/fragrance if to be manufactured

Florida Fragrances International


We do not sell any fragrance without pre-approval of a sample. We treat our sample requests with extreme diligence, whether it is about an existing fragrance in our collection, a duplication, or a creation.